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  • Margaret White, Ph.D.

Stigma in Black Mental Health

Seeking mental health care is stigmatized within many Black communities. Just 1/3 of African Americans who struggle with mental health issues will receive appropriate treatment. Much of the pushback against seeking treatment stems from ideas along the lines of adversity and difficulty with asking for help.

Researchers have noted that unfortunately not all Black People and African Americans will be seen or recognized in the therapeutic process. Accordingly, researchers have expressed the importance of mental health professionals empowering Black Clients inside and outside of therapy. It is important for the therapeutic environment to have enough space for Black Clients to feel mentally and physically comfortable.

Platforms Increasing Access in Black Mental Health

About the Author

Dr. Margret White is a Post-Doctoral Resident at Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center in Chesapeake, VA. She has completed her Doctorate in Counseling Psychology (APA-Accredited) at Tennessee State University and Pre-Doctoral Internship (APA-Accredited) at the Institute for Multicultural Counseling & Education Services in Los Angeles, California.



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