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Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

As we are the Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center, we do specialize in CBT-based therapy, which is focused on changing how we think in order to change how we feel. However, we are also trained in most current evidenced-based treatment modalities, such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Cognitive Processing Therapy.

Individual treatment focuses on your unique needs and their impact on your relational, professional, and social functioning. You can expect that goals and interventions will be tailored to your needs and will change over time as you progress on your journey.

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Individual Therapy
Couples Therapy
Children & Adolescents
Chronic Pain & Illness
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Our Service | Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center

Our Services

At CBTC, we offer services to address a wide range of mental health needs for individuals, couples and families. Below you will find the various services we offer.

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